3 Unusual Yet Liberating Weight Loss Tips

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There are lots of things we’re supposed to do to lose weight, you probably know most of them.

Well here are a few tips on things you don’t have to do!

Unusual Weight Loss Tip #1: You Don’t Always Have To Eat Less

Eating less is probably the most time-efficient way of losing weight, but it doesn’t suit every person or situation. Eating is fun, eating is social, and everyone loves a weight loss tip that doesn’t involve pushing the plate away!

To create a calorie deficit you can either decrease what you take in or increase what you’re burning. Exercise has a ton of benefits and eating is just plain fun. There’s nothing wrong with doing more cardio so you can enjoy the sort of diet you want. The plan that works is the one you stick to.

If you’d rather do 30-60 minutes of cardio daily and eat a healthy diet with a few meals out here and there rather than get super strict on your food, then do that.

Your life, your choice.

Just don’t go nuts, you won’t burn enough on the treadmill to support a diet of doughnuts and Ben and Jerry’s.

Unusual Weight Loss Tip #2: You Don’t Have To Lift Every Day

It’s become trendy lately to promote strength training as a panacea, I’m talking about personal trainers mostly to be fair, but it’s all over the place in magazines and online articles.

Strength is just one element of fitness, I love strength training, I do, but it’s just one tool in the toolbox.

Also, it just doesn’t burn that many calories.


That afterburn effect you’re hearing about is what is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC for short. It’s effects are huge in marketing but small in reality.

It’ll help in the long run but it’s probably not going to get you ripped.

Ask a bodybuilder for weight loss tips.

They’ll tell you that they cut their calories back a bit and do cardio. Do that.

Strength training is for strength.

Unusual Weight Loss Tip #3: You Don’t Have To Snack

How about snacking? When did that become a thing?

You know, just a little something in case we die of starvation in between meals.

You may have heard that eating more frequently helps you lose weight. There was a surge of this kind of information about ten years ago. Unfortunately, it’s completely false. It’s not true. Yet it’s been eaten up by personal trainers, nutritionists, doctors, dieticians, basically all the people you’d think would know their shit.

Do you know what a more likely consequence of eating more frequently is? Eating more total calories.

The average person is really bad at estimating their calorie intake. So when given the chance to eat more often, they just eat more.

The bigger picture here is that behaviour makes a way bigger difference to our bodies than some small, in this case non-existent, increase in metabolic rate.

From my own personal experience and countless anecdotes from others, I’d also say that eating more frequently actually makes you more hungry. If six meals works for you then great, but don’t snack because you’re supposed to. It won’t help.

Besides, eating every three hours? I don’t check my email that frequently.

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    1. No it doesn’t.

      Eating more total calories increases metabolic rate, but it’s always a fraction of the calories ingested. Meal frequency doesn’t have a significant effect.

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