6 Ways To Fail Your New Year’s Resolution In Style

It’s nearly February. If you haven’t messed up your New Year’s Resolutions yet then here are some tips to help you on your way.

#1 Stay Still, Do Nothing

The best way to fail your new year’s resolutions or goals is simply not to start them at all.

It’s easy to think about making big changes in your lifestyle and another to actually do them. Lots of people ‘fail’ because they never really started. Once you get started, a lot of things tend to work themselves out as you move forward.

They say the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. You probably won’t have to walk a thousand miles to achieve your goals for this year but the sentiment is an important one. If you never start, you’ll never finish. You don’t need to let thoughts of the last mile even enter your head, just put one foot in front of the other and the rest works itself out.

#2 Wing it

Have no plan and don’t seek any advice whatsoever

Winging it is a lot better than not starting at all. You’re at least moving forward but it’s a long road of trial and error. A journey of a thousand miles, perhaps in the wrong direction entirely..

If you want to do something well, reach out to people who have done it. The people who have done it, who are living the lifestyle and have made all the mistakes along the way can teach you a lot. You can listen to their experiences and advice and avoid the mistakes they made, you can make sure that the effort that you put in went further that theirs did. My clients progress from novices to intermediates a lot faster than I did. I took the long road.

#3 Surround yourself with average

Hang out with and imitate all of the behaviours of people you don’t want to be like. Live the life you don’t really want.

It might upset some people to say it but average these days sucks. Sure it may be a combination of our lifestyles, the easy access to high calorie snacks and beverages and how stressful modern day life is.. Or it might be that most people make the wrong choices.

The choices you make will move you closer to, or further from, the life you want to live. If you find yourself reaching for another bag of snacks like a kid reaching for a marshmallow, or going to the pub for the fifth night in a row then you just made a choice. If you stop yourself, stick the kettle on instead and decide on your plan of action then you made a better choice.

You haven’t got to live like a monk but you need to make sure the net effect is a positive one. If you’re going to punish your liver, you should at least hit the gym and punish the rest of you too.

#4 Stop and start every week

Consistency be damned. Make sure to undo all of your hard work and more each week.

Discipline loves consistency. Getting back on the wagon is hard, it feels a lot like starting out all over again. It feels a lot like that because that’s what it is. If you’ve ever pushed a car, you know what i’m talking about. Once it’s moving it’s dead easy but getting it moving takes work.

You ever see those jerks who find it all so easy to stick to their diets, training plans or whatever? It’s easier for them because they don’t stop. It’s not a face they put on during the week and then take off at the weekend, it’s their actual life.

You might think ‘how do these people actually like going to the gym and eating that so-called food?’ but for them there’s not as much sacrifice going on as you might think. Good food can be good for you and exercise that you enjoy? That’s the holy grail. Something that you enjoy that makes you look and feel better every time you do it.

#5 Know that you know everything

Be unwilling to change, take advice or go into any scenario that might make you look like less of a boss.

It’s easy to think of people and their opinions as smart or stupid but there’s really only one thing that matters. Are they developing or stagnant? Learning or ignorant?

No one improves faster than a humble beginner. They get stuck in, they work hard and they reap what they sow. There are times when you need to be bold in life but there are also times to shut up and listen. The key to continually improving is the willingness to have your ideas challenged, your excuses shattered and your horizons expanded.

#6 Believe that being fit and healthy is too much work

Don’t romanticise peak fitness. Every person under the sun who looks fit and healthy lives off salad and mung beans.

Being in less than stellar condition makes you feel sluggish, tired and unfocused. Being fit helps you to think more clearly, move better with less effort and I’ll just say it.. You’ll feel good because you’ll look good. Everyone knows it’s true. It really doesn’t have to be that hard either. If you want dead low levels of body fat with six pack abs and that ‘anatomy chart’ look then you’re going to find that tough but for getting in shape and looking and feeling good, it requires a change in how you approach things. If what you’re doing feels unsustainable then maybe it is, but just because that particular approach is unsustainable it doesn’t mean the objective is unattainable.

Learn to cook healthy meals.
Eat the right amount of calories for you and your goal.
Hit the gym a few times each week and put in work.
Enjoy the results.

Have a great 2017 😉