Theo Whittington, Personal Trainer

Theo Whittington is a personal trainer based in Lowestoft, with a background in personal training, sports nutrition and sports psychology. He set up local personal training business TMW Fitness in 2012 and helped many people lose weight, build muscle and achieve their athletic goals with his group personal training services until he closed TMW Fitness to work on other projects.

Unable to stay away from his roots, he set up the Fitness Consulting Company in 2016 through which he now offers his current products and services.


Theo Whittington

Founder & Managing Director

"I really cant recommend Training with Theo enough! He knows so much about all aspects of weightlifting and general training, and also very helpful with the nutrition side of things too."

Sam Harvey, Team GB Powerlifter, United Kingdom

"My progress has been amazing and I can’t stress enough how good Theo is as a personal trainer, and he’s pretty much the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. I now have more self confidence than I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Theo to anybody. "

Joe Fallon, former GBPF competitor, Romania

"Theo listened carefully to my fitness goals and tailored my programme to help meet my specific interests and needs. Theo made the sessions both enjoyable and challenging and I left each session feeling that I had stepped out of my comfort zone and really achieved something. I cannot recommend Theo enough"

Vanessa Rayner, Australia

the fat loss handbook by theo whittington

The Fat Loss Handbook (2012)

Theo completed his first book in April of 2012, titled The Fat Loss Handbook: A Highly Effective, Flexible Method of Reliable Fat Loss. This book was available in paperback and ebook formats (Kindle & PDF) and detailed the theory and practice behind weight loss in the absence of muscle loss. This book covered the need for flexibility in weight loss programmes, short and long term strategies, goal setting and several advanced strategies used by athletes and physique competitors to attain low levels of body fat. In addition to nutrition, this book included recommendations for resistance training, cardiovascular training and supplementation to aid muscle retention and fat loss.

Available from Amazon (no longer in print)

"The Fat Loss Handbook is a well written, informative and easy to read guide to losing weight, the more advanced side of weight loss is explained in easy to absorb terms and the book can easily be read in one or two short sittings."

"Finally a book that does not beat around the bush, it is honest, clear and concise. It gets rid of all the fad rubbish and shows you what you should be doing and how you should be doing it in order to lose fat. Excellent, I would recommend it to anyone!"

"For those who want to lose fat, get lean and genuinely learn about how fat loss really works, this book is exactly what it says on the tin. It is a comprehensive and really, really easy to follow handbook that will guide you all the way from fat to fit. "

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