lean, muscular man lifting weights

Body Recomposition: Look Awesome Without Eating Less

It sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Eat just as much and watch as your fat is replaced with lean muscle. It is entirely possible, in fact it’s what I’ve been doing over the last year or so. First some key points: You CAN lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously It doesn’t happen overnight Good nutrition

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How To Trick Yourself Into Eating Better

Willpower is an awesome thing, but it gets hard to use it all the time. There’s a scientific term called ego-depletion which basically describes the eventual diminishing of our willpower when we have to use it over and over again. Willpower is like a muscle, you can make it big and strong but there’s only

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hand grasping a tape measure used for tracking weight loss

How To Keep Motivated When You Have A Lot Of Weight To Lose

Staying motivated can be tough, especially when your goal seems so far away that you can barely envision achieving it. Despite all of the motivational posts on instagram and facebook, you’re having a hard time keeping your motivation up. As well as getting inspiration to increase your motivation levels, you also need to reframe some

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man with six pack abs

Anti-Extension: The Secret To Really Strong Abs

Most people train their abs only in one way, with flexion exercise. Unfortunately, this leaves a lot on the table as most of the time, we just don’t use our abs that way! The abdominal muscles main function in daily life is to stabilise, they often function not to create movement, but to restrict it.

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Personal trainer coaching a client through proper deadlift form

Why Do People Use A Personal Trainer? Part 3

I hope you enjoyed part 1 and part 2, part 3 is the concluding post, and it covers the last two benefits you get from working with a personal trainer. Efficiency So as it turns out, time is money. You don’t want to spend a lot of time becoming an expert in fitness and nutrition,

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female personal trainer at a gym

Why Do People Use A Personal Trainer? Part 2

In part 1, we talked about the knowledge you can gain from working with a personal trainer. Knowledge, they say, is power. But what is knowledge if not properly applied? Knowledge without application is nothing. While it’s good to have the knowledge of what you should do to achieve your goals, actually doing what is

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