How To Gain Weight Fast (How to Build Muscle) – Pt2

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More Muscle, More Muscle

If you want to build big muscles you need to demand them. Muscle growth is an adaptation. You need to put your body in a situation where it needs big muscles. If you go to the gym and do a few sets with light weights then why is your body going to respond with big changes? It isn’t.

Train hard and train heavy. You need to use more muscle to build more muscle. This means that you do the hard compound lifts that most others won’t. Your training will involve tough squats, tougher deadlifts and straining through a variety of presses and pulls. Your body needs to be broken down to rebuild itself. You need to give yourself a reason, a need, to grow into a stronger you.

As for rep ranges, take your pick. Even if you’re training exercises in the 1-6 rep ‘strength’ range, you will still add a decent amount of muscle if you’re going heavy in the gym and getting heavy with your diet.

Intensity is the key thing here, if you’re putting in the work then the results will come. Trust me on that.

Training Days and Rest Days

A tactic for reducing the fat you gain when adding weight is to give your body the calories it needs when it needs them. If you only train heavy twice per week then you’re unlikely to lay down a lot of muscle despite a sky high calorie intake. In this situation, you’d be better served by adding calories to your training days but only having a modest surplus on days that you don’t hit the gym. This has the benefit of supporting muscular development without providing too many excess calories that may be stored as fat.

Realistic Expectations and Cyclic Nutrition

If you’re gaining two kilograms per week then I’m sorry to be the one to tell you but that’s not all muscle, not even half. You can expect to gain quite a lot of weight in the first week or two due to the creatine and the food sitting in your stomach but after that keep an eye on how you’re developing.

If you find that you’ve gained a little too much lard in your pursuit of muscle then drop your calories for a week or two while keeping your training and diet on point. You’ll find the excess fat comes off, you’ll hold your strength well and you can then pick up where you left off.


You can’t eat this way forever. This is a short-term approach to add a lot of muscle quickly. File this way of eating in your head as ‘bulking’. When you’ve added the weight you will need to be able to switch back into maintenance or a calorie deficit to maintain or tidy up your results.

All of the successful bodybuilders you see do this. All of the former athletes who now have big guts don’t.

Summing Up

  • Eat more calories. Eat bigger meals more often and use liquid calories to your advantage.
  • Keep your protein intake high. Muscles aren’t made out of ice cream.
  • Take creatine. If being bigger, stronger and more muscular from taking a simple supplement daily doesn’t sound good to you then you’re reading the wrong article.
  • Train hard. If you’re not pushing yourself in the gym then those extra calories will end up as fat.
  • Train efficiently. Use compound movements as the foundation of your training. If you still want to do biceps curls afterward that’s fine. As long as you do the big lifts first.
  • Be realistic. You’re not going to look like Arnold in a year.
  • Don’t overthink it. It might be hard but it isn’t complicated. Eat more. Train more. Enjoy the results.


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      Get in touch directly if you’d like to cross-promote. Happy to chat about it.

    1. Hi Abbie,

      Metabolism makes a difference but it’s not as big as you’d expect. Women will tend to have a harder time gaining muscle though simply due to differences in hormones between men and women. I’d suggest starting with a very conservative surplus to start with and if you find you’re not gaining any weight or muscle after a few weeks, increase your calorie intake gradually.

      Hope that helps,


    1. Not necessarily, there is a limit to how much muscle you can gain in.. say a month, or three months. You probably just gained weight at a faster rate than your body could build muscle.

      It’s a bit like having 10 workers on site building a house, you can bring truckload after truckload of bricks but the house won’t get built any faster, you’ll just have a big pile of bricks.

      Hope that helps.


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