My New Years Resolutions (Sort Of)

A couple of years ago, I used to have a website with over a hundred articles that ranked me top of Google whenever anyone in the local area was looking for extra help to get in shape. It was the result of years of work and it really documented my growth as a coach. Plus, I really enjoy enjoyed building it.

Vomiting your thoughts onto the internet is kinda therapeutic you know?

More fun than another cat video anyway…

But despite all the work that went into it, I let that site go like a buddhist destroys a mandala they’ve laboured over for weeks.

It felt like it was time.

Hah, plus, who remembers the domain registration passwords of a site they set up 6 years ago?

buddhists destroying a sand mandala that took weeks to create

Last year was a change of pace. It was pretty challenging, and hell.. we have a gym now! But I did a lot of work that I wasn’t that excited about and didn’t do a lot of things that I wanted to do.

Not that mopping floors isn’t fun, but this year I’m going to make time for more of the good stuff.

This year I’m getting back to helping people smash their fitness goals and I’m getting back to writing.

My resolution is more of a challenge. For the next 30 days I’m going to create two posts every day to inspire, educate and entertain everyone who wants to improve their health, get stronger and honestly, just better themselves. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

Plus, that top spot is mine, I want it back.

Until next time,



Theo Whittington

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