My Vision For 2018

I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year's!

2017 has been a pretty manic year for us! This time last year we were getting everything ready to open our first gym. Twelve months on, we now have a gym full of people that we're happy to call our members!

(Couple of before and after pictures below!)

fitness local before opening
lowestoft gym fitness local before
our gym in lowestoft, fitness local
lowestoft gym fitness local after

Not only has Fitness Local had a pretty crazy transformation this year, but so have a number of our members. We've had people drastically reduce their waist measurements, reduce or come off medications, build tons of strength and much more. It really is great to see.

No doubt Fitness Local will keep me busy this year too! But this year I want to focus on a new service that I've been thinking about for around 18 months now. A service that makes getting fit fun and affordable while doing good in the community too.


My goal is to help 300 people completely transform their bodies in 2018. Not like the temporary results you get from a six week diet combined with an unsustainable amount of time in the gym, but in the same way I do it, in the same way I teach my clients to do it.

I want to take 300 people through one year, step-by-step, covering every important element along the way to change the way each person looks at nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep and living a healthy life. The kind of life that results in a lean body and defined abs, but without extreme diets or excessive training regimes.

This online service has been trialed on a smaller scale over this last year and the results have been great. Take a look at what Pete Carr, one of the first to sign up, had to say below. This man lost 8 inches from his waist, massively improved his fitness and is fast closing in on a 500lb deadlift.


Pete Carr's Review of Online Training

With some (very) recent additions, this service is about to get a ton better so it's going to be awesome!

The 2018 Transformation Challenge will begin on 22nd January 2018. You can get your first 4 weeks for free with no strings. Just register here. 

Or get more information about the 2018 Transformation Challenge.

Happy New Year! Let's make it a great one!

Theo Whittington

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