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"My progress since I first began has been amazing and I can’t stress enough how good Theo is as a personal trainer. His knowledge is vast and invaluable and he’s pretty much the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. I now have more self confidence than I’ve ever had, and more self belief to boot. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Theo to anybody. "

Joe Fallon, Sales Executive, Romania

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Achieve More.

"I really cant recommend Training with Theo enough! He knows so much about all aspects of weightlifting and general training, and also very helpful with the nutrition side of things too."

Sam Harvey, Team GB Powerlifter, United Kingdom

Sam Harvey Squatting at the 2014 All England Meet

Tranform Your Body.

"I had low self esteem, hated my body and was bordering on depression. After meeting Theo, I instantly knew he was someone I could trust. Now I’m full of confidence and proud of what I’ve achieved in my physique and personal fitness and have made great friends whilst doing it. One of the best decisions I’ve made!"

Dominic Hemp, Department Manager, United Kingdom


Get The Tools You Need To Succeed

As soon as you sign up for coaching I'll be behind you every step of the way. You don't just get a sheet of paper and left to it. You'll develop new skills, you'll have the best exercise programming and nutritional tactics and if you need help you'll have me on the end of the phone. Your success is my business and I make sure you have everything you need to really achieve your goals.

What Does The Service Include?

  • Tailored Exercise Programme
  • Nutritional Education
  • Custom Supplement Routine
  • Support 7 Days Per Week
  • 100% Online
  • Coaching Calls included
  • Delivered By A Coach You Can Trust

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"Joining really helped to push me in the right direction in regards to changing my lifestyle and making some physical improvements. Theo really helped when it came to working around my busy work schedule. He assigned me a personalised training routine for when I was away and still managed to encourage me. All in all I would recommend Theo to anyone looking to improve themselves and meet some genuinely good guys in the process."

Zak Mattin, United Kingdom

"As with many others with busy jobs, my work took over and before I knew it I was on that slippery slope to big pizza and crisp sandwich dinners and basically comfort eating my way to fats-ville! He kindly took me on, setting me daily challenges and asking me to check back in with him so I could feedback on my progress and he could in turn feedback to me. It has given me SUCH a push and the motivation I needed to get back on track and become someone who cares about fitness and their body once again. Theo is a real motivator. Based on my own experiences, I’d urge anyone – male or female thinking of starting out, making some changes or looking to improve on their fitness and body to choose [Theo]."

Nigel Fitzsimmons, United Kingdom

"Since I’ve started training with Theo I’ve noticed significant changes in my body. I’ve gained a substantial amount of muscle mass which a lot of people have noticed as well as myself. I’m filling out shirts that I’ve never filled out before. I’ve also gained a huge amount of strength which shows and helps me through everyday life."

Daniel Stafford, United Kingdom

"To date I have lost five stone and am continuing to lose weight at a steady rate. I’m now a lot fitter than I was when I started, it has changed the way I prepare my meals and what I am buying. It was pretty hard to start with, I had to constantly check what I was eating and how much it was, it took a lot of getting used to. Now its very easy and rather enjoyable. Now that I have lost a lot of the weight I can see the results of my muscle building which motivates me to keep going."

Alex Mace, United Kingdom

"From the beginning, Theo listened carefully to my fitness goals and tailored my programme to help meet my specific interests and needs. Theo made the sessions both enjoyable and challenging and I left each session feeling that I had stepped out of my comfort zone and really achieved something. I cannot recommend Theo enough"

Vanessa Rayner, Australia

"Since I have been training, the progression I have achieved in such a short space of time is phenomenal. Already the comments about my body have changed drastically. I finally have some confidence back and am actually becoming more and more proud of my body each week. Before I started training here I didn’t have much faith or belief that I was ever going to achieve my desired body, I had trained many times before but found I never really saw any noticeable change or progress, so i was just about ready to give up. Now all I can say is I am so glad I chose to give it a go. Theo has such an impressive scale of knowledge and experience in this subject I would never train with anybody else. Thanks Theo!"

Danny Batchelor, United Kingdom

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"If anybody is looking for a shift in their life, to lose some weight, get motivated and most importantly feel good about yourself again, get your arse into gear and contact Theo Whittington! The man is a sculptor of the human body and will get you to where you want to be!"

Matthew Elliott, United Kingdom