Development of Habits

Every one of us is unique, a collection of our own habits and experiences and it is these things that make us who we are.

To change our bodies we must often change a number of habits. Lots of people with good intentions fail when it all becomes too much. Trying to override all of the negative traits in your personality is a big task; eating less, moving more and making better choices is quite a lot to process and integrate into our lives on top of everything else we have going on.

If you’re completely new to all this, doing it all at once is going to be difficult. If you’ve got a lot of other things to take care of then it is easy to fail and revert back to old habits. This is why in many cases gradual change is more effective.

There is a lot of information within this course and if you try to do it all at once then there’s a fair chance that you’ll fail. Learning doesn’t happen like that for most people. We learn by doing which is why this programme is delivered in parts alongside coaching; the big improvements come from mastering the basics and building from there. The action points are included for this reason.

We’re a lot like computers in the way that we process things, these habits are programmes that you need to install into your life. If you try to run them all at once, then you’re going to freeze up and reset back to your original habits, possibly taking nothing from your efforts at all.

Little changes that you stick to add up over time. Large changes that you don’t stick to accomplish nothing at all. Your time is better spent in the long run with the former approach. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Replacing old habits with new, better habits is what makes attaining a healthy diet and weight not just possible but almost easy. Anyone can lose weight but as many know, the hard part is maintaining your ideal weight afterwards.

The act of developing beneficial habits is incredibly powerful. It is what helps people who couldn’t lose weight in the past to adopt great lifestyles and achieve all of their health and fitness goals.

In the Ultimate Health Programme members adopt a new habit most weeks and by the time twelve weeks have passed they operate on a whole new level.

Adopting this habit of continuous progress is one of the best things you can do for yourself.