Starting Measurements

When starting out on any improvement process you need a clear idea of where you're starting at otherwise it's impossible to plan or assess improvement effectively.

In this coaching process we use a simple set of measurements that take around 10 minutes each month to perform.  These measurements provide statistical and visual feedback on how you're doing and which allows me to better serve you and helps you to see your progress as you improve.

Weigh Ins: Weekly on the same day.

Weekly weigh ins allow you to monitor your weight as you progress each week. Measure at the same time each day and wearing the same clothes and footwear each time for consistency. Measure three times and take the middle measurement.
You can use imperial (stones and pounds) or metric (kilograms) in your weigh ins. Metric is generally preferred and those who have coaching for competitive events will be required to measure in kilograms.

Progress Shots: Monthly on the same date.

Progress shots have tremendous value in tracking your progress. It is easily possible to fluctuate a kilogram in a day, even two which can lead people to think that what they are doing isn't working.

Looking at a graph doesn't excite many people but seeing photographs of yourself changing over time can be incredibly motivating.

Progress shots are taken from the front, rear and one (or both sides) in a neutral posture.

Tape Measurements: Monthly on the same date.

Tape measurements provide a different form of feedback to stepping on the scale, by measuring the circumferences of various points on your body you can track your fat loss and also some markers of disease.

The diagram on the right, or below if you're viewing from a mobile, shows you the sites we measure on this programme. It's worth noting that some men on this programme might have a smaller loss on the scale but have some impressive changes in these measurements, particularly those who are training hard to add muscle.

measurement sites

You Must Measure!

Weigh ins, progress shots and tape measurements are a mandatory part of participating in this online programme. These measurements provide statistical and visual feedback about how you’re doing, although the process may seem a little intimidating to some, your information is kept private and will never be used in an identifying without your explicit consent.