Why We Weigh Every Day (And You Should Too)

What Weight Loss Really Looks Like

Weight is something that a lot of us are quite sensitive about, it’s personal to us and we might not quite fit into what society expects of us. Weighing ourselves is something that is done in halls full of people once per week where a little machine on the floor will give us a number that tells us whether we’ve had a good week, for some people it goes deeper than that and hints at their self worth.

I mean sure, if you wear similar clothes, if you’ve eaten a similar amount, if the scales are in the right place on the floor, if you’re wearing your lucky shirt…

It gets a bit crazy doesn’t it? Even if you control the many variables that might affect your weight to the best of your abilities, you still need to face the fact that four data points per month doesn’t give you a clear picture of your weight loss.

Here’s the massive problem with that, the information isn’t really that reliable!

The image at the top of this post is one client’s weight loss over three weeks, she’s someone I coach online via my fitplans service and I make her weigh every damn day! Take a look at the graph and you’ll see why.

If she’d taken her weight at any of the peaks over these three weeks, no matter how well she was doing by eating the right foods, recording her intake and exercising regularly, she would have seen that number and perhaps even quit because of it. If she’d taken her weight weekly she would have seen a modest loss after the first week and found after her second week she was even heavier than when she started! When we look at all 21 data points, we can see a trend showing a loss of just over a kilogram per week.

It is not the numbers but the trend that matters

See another graph above, different person but there are still significant fluctuations. I could show you dozens of these but there is one thing I can’t show you in any of my client’s progress..

A straight line.

So if you’re weighing weekly, get off the emotional rollercoaster, stop worshipping the scales and start using them as a tool. You’ll see a lot more ups and downs but you’ll have clarity on your progress.

That is why we weigh every day, and why you should too.