Why Do People Use A Personal Trainer? Part 2

female personal trainer at a gym

In part 1, we talked about the knowledge you can gain from working with a personal trainer.

Knowledge, they say, is power. But what is knowledge if not properly applied?

Knowledge without application is nothing.

While it’s good to have the knowledge of what you should do to achieve your goals, actually doing what is necessary is an entirely different thing. As they say, easier said than done.

Which leads me on to the second reason people choose to work with a personal trainer.

#2 Accountability

Accountability is important, if we weren’t accountable to anyone then we might not do anything. Being accountable to yourself is sometimes difficult if you’re already juggling lots of other things.

You can be accountable to other people, it doesn’t have to be a personal trainer, but often gym partners and weight loss buddies do not keep the habit themselves, and so when they stop, you stop. It is a very good system if both people are dedicated though.

Being accountable to a personal trainer is a little different. We hold people accountable for a living, and honestly, half of the time people need calling out on their bullshit. That’s not some holier than thou remark, no one is immune to making excuses to themselves. It’s not judgement either, it’s just saying the things that need to be said to bring the problem into focus and help a person get from where they are to where they want to be.

Hearing something from someone else is oddly different to thinking it yourself. Sometimes we feel we need permission to make certain changes. When your personal trainer tells you what you need to do and why, you don’t second guess it in the same way and when you do go ahead and apply, .. well then you get the results you wanted.

#3 Investment

If you pay for something then you are, at least partially, invested. I’ve run free offerings before where I’m put out all of the advice and support that people need with the same level of service as I always provide, but the results are never quite as good as when people are paying for it.


Because investment matters. It’s a weird part of our psychology.

How many free e-books have you downloaded and then done nothing with? How many books have you bought and only read them once?

You’re not going to miss £10 spent on a book. It could be the best book in the world and you still wouldn’t get the same level of value from it.

When you make a financial commitment, you’re more likely to follow things through.

This doesn’t just go for money, time is important too. I like to publicly state my intentions when I need a kick up the arse, like I have done with this January challenge to put out two blog posts per day. If I hadn’t created a perceived consequence of losing credibility which took me both time and money to earn, I’d probably have allowed my attention to be pulled into other areas and I wouldn’t be seeing it through.

For what it’s worth, most people who fail in their fitness efforts aren’t lazy, they just don’t allocate time and energy to it consistently enough. Other aspects of your life will take that time back if you don’t protect it.

For the final two reasons that people work with a personal trainer, head over to part 3.

Until next time,