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Interested in working with me? Here are the ways we can work together.

The Academy Personal Coaching

Informational Products


Recipe Book Club

Great for: Those who want to think less and achieve more.

✓ 30+ delicious recipes in each book

✓ Calorie counted

✓ Macros listed: protein, carbs & fat

✓ Quick and healthy breakfasts

✓ Delicious lunches to keep you fuelled

✓ Tasty dinnertime dishes & delicious desserts

✓ Only £5/month or sign up for the year and get ALL back issues too 🙂 


Workout of the Day

Great for: Those who want to think less and achieve more.

✓ Simply train along with my team

✓ Improve your form with video demonstrations

✓ Track every set and rep in your new app

✓ Learn how to build habits that stick

✓ Build muscle & strength

✓ Improve fitness & flexibility

✓ Only £20/month

12 Month Coaching Package

Personal trainer coaching a client through proper deadlift form

Do you want to truly and completely change your life over the next 12 months? Do you want to see this date on the calendar next year and be the person you really want to be? 

This programme lasts 12 months with no exceptions and requires complete commitment. Results from this programme start slow and build exponentially. Patience is required.

I will guarantee results for all who finish the programme with 90% completion or higher. 

Great for: Those with big goals who want a true change for themselves.


✓ In-depth consultation to learn all about you

✓ Unique plan to help you achieve the goals that are most important to you

✓ Nutrition, training, habits and lifestyle, are all included.

✓ Unique contingency plan to ensure you’re never caught out

✓ Weekly review of your progress

✓ Extra support available as needed

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The objective is your goal achieved, whatever it takes

“My progress since I first began has been amazing and I can’t stress enough how good Theo is as a personal trainer. His knowledge is vast and invaluable and he’s pretty much the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. I now have more self confidence than I’ve ever had, and more self belief to boot. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Theo to anybody. “

“The progression I have achieved in such a short space of time is phenomenal. Already the comments about my body have changed drastically. I finally have some confidence back and am actually becoming more and more proud of my body each week.”

“Been training with Theo for about 9 months now and the results speak for themselves! I’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight and put on a lot of strength and not to boast too much but I’ve never looked or felt better.”

I had low self esteem, hated my body and was perhaps bordering on depression. After meeting Theo, I instantly knew he was someone I could trust to help me out of my pitfall situation. Now I’m full of confidence and proud of what I’ve achieved in my physique and personal fitness and have made great friends whilst doing it. One of the best decisions I’ve made!

Since I’ve started training with Theo I’ve noticed significant changes in my body. I’ve gained a substantial amount of muscle mass which a lot of people have noticed as well as myself. I’m filling out shirts that I’ve never filled out before. I’ve also gained a huge amount of strength which shows and helps me through everyday life. 

Really helped to push me in the right direction in regards to changing my lifestyle and making some physical improvements. Theo really helped when it came to working around my busy work schedule. He assigned me a personalised training routine for when I was away and still managed to encourage me. All in all I would recommend [this service] to anyone looking to improve themselves and meet some genuinely good guys in the process.